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El certificado TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) es uno de los más extendidos del mundo. TESOL es un programa de formación de profesores de Inglés acreditado internacionalmente. El curso te ofrece instrucciones de la metodología y estructura de los métodos de enseñar inglés como lengua extranjera y obtendrás experiencia de enseñanza de primera mano implementando estos métodos con alumnos españoles que están aprendiendo inglés.

El curso para obtener tu certificado TESOL es mundialmente reconocido y es la cualificación que las academias en el mundo requieren al contratar a profesores de inglés. El certificado TESOL te permite enseñar niños, adolescentes y adultos con cualquier nivel de inglés

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The TESOL Certification course is an intensive 120hr (8 weeks part-time) teacher certification program. Our emphasis is on practicality so trainees can rest assured that they’ll be prepared for the classroom once they’ve earned our certification. There is no need to speak any language other than English and through our course, we’ll show trainees the value of an English-only classroom and how to facilitate great lessons through our communicative approach— which is an international standard used worldwide.

I. Teaching Practice

This is what makes our in-class courses so practical. It’s the most fundamental area of training and many consider it to be invaluable (in fact, necessary for landing a teaching job). Trainees will teach real EFL students and put new-found skills into practice immediately. This will help trainees see exactly how to perfect their teaching skills.

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II. Foreign Language Experience

So future EFL teachers can better understand where their students are coming from, we provide trainees with instruction in an unknown language. This way, trainees will have a better idea of what it’s like for EFL students when they’re learning English. Of course, trainees will become better teachers because of it and get an introduction into a new language.

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III. Language Awareness

Grammar: We’ll cover the tenses, parts of speech and other language points such as conditionals, passive voice and reported speech. Through easy-to-follow lessons and fun activities, we’ll teach these points and show trainees how to teach them to students—the approaches are entirely different.
Phonology: We’ll cover English pronunciation through learning how to use the International Phonemic Alphabet, intonation, word and sentence stress, as well as articulation and connected speech. As a result, teacher trainees will become more aware of how sounds are made within a language and be better able to help their students improve their pronunciation.

IV. Student Profile

Each trainee will be asked to meet with an individual student so as to work on rapport building, error analysis and correction, as well as addressing individual needs. Three meetings are required for the profile and they will culminate in a one-to-one lesson, after which, the trainee will write a report about the lesson.

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V. Teaching Techniques

  • Lesson Planing
  • Classroom Management
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Discipline in the Classroom
  • Managing Equipment and Teaching Aids
  • Creating Materials
  • Communicative Activities
  • Correction Techniques
  • Evaluation and Testing
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Teaching Receptive Skills (reading and listening)
  • Teaching Production Skills (speaking and writing)
  • Games in the Classroom
  • Songs in the Classroom
  • Teaching Beginner Students
  • Teaching Individual Students

VI. Materials Project

Trainees will be required to take raw materials and convert them into teaching materials. The trainee will be charged with designing games and constructing materials to accompany the games. These games must be original and will help to foster the teacher's creativity and resourcefulness. Projects should be durable, reusable and adaptable. Once finished, trainees will present their game to a trainer, who’ll make suggestions on how to improve them before actually using them in the classroom.

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